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New Feature!
This is a new feature of my blog, kinda a real time, what’s going on in my world.  A bit of bragging and what not, so here goes…

I’m being interviewed by Ron Egatz of tomorrow.  I hope everything goes great.  I’m kinda curious about the direction the interview will take.

My new passport came today,  I’ve been waiting for it so I can finally sign the contract to speak November 10th in Sau Paulo, Brazil at Estudio Brasil! Details will follow soon.

If I was going to build a studio around a color theme, this would be it.  You can only buy so many props, sets and backgrounds so just starting out this would be a good jumping off point.

Rich golds and browns can be used for portrait, glamour and model images if tweaked in the right way.

Chelsey is standing against a 4×8 ft custom troweled Venetian Plaster background.  I’ve gone into detail in a past post “Where’s The After“.

This is a two light setup using an elipsoidal hot light as the main.  A small fill light was also used (based on reverse engineering).  I generally turn the fill on low and see how I like it, based on that I up the power to where I think it needs to be.  I bought the light used from our local film rental company, Detroit Power and Light.

They say with hot lights “what you see is what you get” but I find this not to be true.  With this light the center is so much hotter than the fall off  is.  It’s easy to over expose on the face.  The metering spot is so small you really have to nail it.  Since I’m always tethered and I leave my highlight alert on I noticed it.  I had a student meter it (so he thought) and it wasn’t even close.  I find that to be true when metering small hot light sources.  I tend to lay the meter right on her cheek straight into the main.

I use it up high and the internal metal leaves are very confusing to use, they move create the shadows backwards to what you think.  The unit also accepts small metal gobos that can be cool for added shadows.

The horizontal is a great image for the makeup artist Tammy Pore.  Horizontals really pop and are really great opening shots on a website…just sayin

From Today
Trying to understand high speed sync with my 580ex.Looking to purchase the pocket wizard TT5s and Quantum Turbo 3???Looked into Radio Poppers vs Pocket Wizards.Talked to Claude Jodoin and Michael Carr today about shooting my model comps with my 580 so I can High Speed Sync.

Figured out how all Future Workshop Attendees will be able to make a 6×8 ft canvas backdrop to take with them (or I will mail it).    Great Value to the Workshop!

Finished silver leafing an old table and headboard today, how to pics  will be in a future post
These call out boxes are a wordpress plugin I installed called Insert Callout…I haven’t figured out how to use it yet…It never ends…

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