December 2010

Jack Johnsonish

December 8, 2010
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My new kids animo video with a great happy song I think.  I had to trudge through a lot of songs to find it.  It’s listed under Singer/Song Writer on animoto.  So basically another major project scratched off my list.  I also finished a headshot and  mens video today.  So we’ll see what response I’ll […]

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Comp Card Video

December 7, 2010

Detroit Michigan Modeling Portfolio Photography by Mary DuPrie A bit of a storm last night so no internet.  I’m kinda secretly glad when the net goes down late at night.   A day off. So I made this video to go along with my comp card pricing.  It’s laid out to match my literature.  Head shots […]

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Finding Sexy Music Is Hard

December 5, 2010

Michigan Modeling Photography by Mary DuPrie Yesterday’s video was set to automatically open!  Sorry!  I can’t chang it now except to bring it down.  I’m hoping after it drops off the front page it will stop.  You’ll have to manually turn it off.  I hope it stops.  Opps.   It’s a good thing I love the […]

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Hot & Sexy

December 4, 2010

Michigan Boudoir Photography by Mary DuPrie You might not be able to view this on some mobile devises or in your email… blog link I keep a spiral notebook on my desk and jot everything down.  Calls, tidbits, notes, need to do… just everything.  Once it’s full I file it away and start another one.  […]

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Finally Havin Some Fun

December 3, 2010

Detroit Michigan Beauty Model Photographer Mary DuPrie If you can’t view this video click here OK… talk about making a TV show about nothin!  There is a show about people who buy abandoned storage lockers.   I can just here the pitch now.  We want to do a show on abandoned storage lockers.  What did you […]

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Contact Sheets & Proofs

December 2, 2010
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Detroit Michigan Modeling Portfolio Photography by Mary DuPrie Spending a stupid amount of time  redoing literature.  My body is sore… as in my butt.  I can’t even imagine asking a graphic artist for the amount of revisions I’ve gone through.  Things I didn’t know I wanted or didn’t want.  I can see the benefits of […]

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