March 2011

Mother And Daughter

March 23, 2011
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Metro Detroit Michigan Headshot Photographers Mary DuPrie I had my headshot special this past weekend and Carol booked a session for Sunday.  Lorena who I’ve shot several times over the years passed along the info to her Mom Carol and said she was going to come with her. Michigan Makeup Artist Tammy transformed Carol in […]

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I Don’t Like Helmet Heads

March 14, 2011
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Metro Detroit Executive Headshot Photographers Mary DuPrie I shot Beth McLoeds new headshot last week.  She’s a local Detroit television personality and does the Michigan Lottery.  Studio headshots are a ton of work and I fuss over headshots more than anything I shoot.  Having a makeup artist on set to finesses the hair is critical, […]

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Mirrors Mirrors

March 14, 2011

Detroit Michigan Commercial Photographers Mary DuPrie So I had another Meetup on Saturday night, Photographing Models with Mary DuPrie Studios.  A smaller group of photographers and we did just this one setup.  I normally have a concept in mind as far as lighting.  I wanted to overexpose the background and use neutral density gels on […]

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Burn Out

March 9, 2011

Detroit Headshot Photographers Mary DuPrie I’m not a fan of doing critiques because I don’t like to hear “their” feedback… as in… blah blah blah I like quiet when I’m doing a critique, as in, just listen.  When we bring our books into commercial clients there is no speaking, we just stand there and answers […]

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Tire Your Model Out

March 8, 2011
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Michigan Portfolio Photographers Mary DuPrie Here’s another shot of Andrea from Saturday Nights Meetup.  It was a long night as several new photographers were shooting and trying to figure out their cameras and how to tether on the LCD TV.  The last photographer of the night was up and I looked over and Andrea was […]

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Just Bring Me Champagne

March 7, 2011
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Detroit Fashion Photographers Mary DuPrie Am I back… I think I might be. Just bring Champagne and you’ll be on my good side.  It certainly brightens my night and especially my day.  Drinking champagne in the middle of the day for no damn reason is delicious. I had my second Meetup last night, Photographing Models […]

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