Detroit Michigan Beauty Photography

Detroit Michigan Beauty Photography

Detroit Michigan Beauty Photography


Detroit Michigan Beauty Photography, not really a big market here.  I’ve only really had one paying client find me using this phrase, they turned out to be my best client and a returning client as well.  Returning clients are my favorite by far, there is a familiarity that is just wonderful.

This image is basically right out of my camera with no added “stuff” just a bit of normal Photoshop.  What’s unusual is the technique… which is nicknamed “Shake and Bake”.

The key to this technique is the light sources have to be  two different types.  Flash and anything else that is constant… and I mean anything.  It’s amazing how little ambient light you really need.  I’ve tried this technique years ago, a bit of a flop, not knowing the key is to have the studio basically blacked out.

Profoto 1D with a Magnum gridded for her face, which is one of two flash sources.   A small gelled and gridded Westcott  strip box on the left.

The other light source is a gelled Westcott Icelight on the left and a second one overhead.

Settings are ISO 100 f7.1 1sec  I found that around 1 second is a nice starting point.  I’m using first curtain sync and just shaking and moving the camera once the shutter goes off.  Each and every image will be different and there will be tons of unusable images, but a few will speak to you.

This is a great technique if you want to obscure the background and make average styling and makeup a bit more “interesting”.  Shiny fabrics, crystal, mirrors… basically anything sparkly works great.  The strobe will freeze whatever it hits and the ambient will give you the artsy ghosting effects.

You can hand hold or mount your camera on a tripod.  If you’re hand holding the double image will be somewhat soft.  If you place your camera on a tripod and come to an abrupt stop and stay there you will have a “crisp” double look.  I love this look for beauty photography but I think it looks great for almost anything.

Tip:  If you want the face “clean” you need to work with the modeling light off.  So basically you are focusing in the dark.  I use auto focus to obtain focus and then shoot.


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