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Coming home from summer camp at the age of nine to a fabulously redecorated bedroom my mom had designed and created herself sealed the deal.  That day forward I loved design and paid attention to it.   Putting myself through college and knowing what i wanted to study at the age of 23 gave the experience merit and great value.

mary duprieMy interests have taken me down a path of skills which were different but uniquely related. I did not realize that my formal education in interior design, kitchen/furniture design and carpentry would support my ability to create/build studio sets; or that my years of decorative painting, guilding and fine art would lend themselves to photographic sets and backdrops.  Formally trained in all these areas as well as in-depth studio training has furthered my sense of style.

A full time working artist for the past 33 years with a studio for the 26 past  years.  Photographing models and commercial work full time for the last 10 years.  I continue to be happily distracted and never quite know where I will end up or how I will use the information.  I go to my studio daily when not shooting to work on artistic projects and to simply rearrange my studio (one of my favorite distractions!) The best description of my studio came from workshop attendee Scott Kelby (at the time a somewhat unfamiliar name to me) who wrote, “This place looks like Pier 1 on steroids!”

Photography has been the latest of my creative ventures.   Digital photography has allowed a fast learning curve which is gratifying. My technical skill is catching up to my artistic skill over time. A well trained eye with attention to detail is definitely a big part of the profession.  Being able to create and stay busy whether I’m shooting or retouching is extremely appealing.  I need to wear many different hats to stay busy, not only with my mind but with my hands.

My latest venture is assembling my techniques for photographers and models alike to access via the internet; the new frontier.  Learning video, conducting small workshops and navigating the web should keep me busy for the next few years.

Mary DuPrie

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