Creating High End Custom Backgrounds

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A background in high end Decorative painting, faux finishing and set styling has added a unique custom look to my photography for many years.  I have spent the last couple of years tweaking the materials and techniques to show photographers how to make their own high end looks  I know you don’t want to be a full time painter and need the training to be cheap, fast and as simplistic as possible.  Learn the insider tips and techniques to making fabulous custom background.

Simulating Mottled Muslin
How to create beautiful muslin looking backgrounds out of second hand bed sheets.  No need to do the  uncontrollable tie-dying thing.

Dynamic Textures
My specialty and favorite technique to do is textures.  You can make textures out of any product if you know the secrets.

Glazing and painting
Painting contemporary looking backgrounds.  I use them for executives and models alike.   Pulling your finish together with glazing will give your newly painted finish a cohesive look with depth.


Saturday Intensive Workshop

Three hour mini intensives, how to create faux aging, mottling and texture.   Help clean up and stick around for my Saturday night meetup afterwards if you like… shooting a model, drinking and playing ping pong.  This workshop will be minimum hands on.   One lucky attendee will take home a backdrop!  Check out my free meetup group…

Background Workshop

Friday night will be a get together.  If all participants are able to attend Friday night we will get the workshop started.  If however someone cannot make it we will get fully underway on Saturday morning.

Attendees will complete at least two backgrounds.  If you have time and the backgrounds are dry enough you can flip it to the backside and paint it too!

My two critical tools will be divulged, there is no substitute for these two items.  These two items are the only “Pro” tools required and both are under $30.   With these two tools you can make a vast array of high end looks.

Each painting participant will have their own set of tools and painting station that will hold a 6’x8′ canvas.  Professional grade  #12 duck 6’x8′  canvas will be the background material for the texture background.  A twin bed sheet will be the background material of choice for simulating mottled muslin.

Backgrounds will be rolled, packed and shipped to you if you’re not able to take them with you.  Packing and shipping cost is included in your workshop fee.  Lunch, drinks and snacks included.

Friday evening get together 5pm until… Saturday 10am-6pm  Sunday 10am-5pm

Only four spots available for painting

Don’t feel like painting but still want to come and see how’s it done

Advanced Background Workshop

Additional dates for my advanced classes in the works.   Set styling combined with unique  custom finishes…  venetian plaster, stenciling, screen printing, leafing, painting on seamless paper, collaging and more.



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1 sharie falan January 16, 2012 at 9:08 pm

I have enjoyed reviewing your work. I am interested in your workshops. Can you post the dates soon?


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