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NEW Workshop design: Only four photographers for two and a half days work alongside Mary in her prop-filled, creative, well equipped studio in Pontiac, Michigan.  Mary’s Session Based approach to working with models is a proven formula for producing amazing images that models and agencies love. Mary has designed this workshop to pass this information along to those who really want to step up and create better work. To attend you have to want a great challenge, and if you do, hold on… the time you spend with Mary will blow you away.

This very unique workshop is designed for amateur, emerging, and established professional photographers who are looking for the challenge and individuality of the next level of their craft.  This workshop is not a lighting workshop but instead understanding how to get a new “model” to free form model.  This is about my methods on how to get effortless looks.  Styling the model and set will be high on the list.  The importance of elegantly  “under styling” when starting out will be emphasized.

A bit about what the workshop is not about.  It’s not about  being a portrait photographer and using  formulas.  If you need formulas this is probably not the workshop for you.

Model Direction
Body Dynamics
Posing Control
Free form Shooting
Model Styling
Set Styling
Session driven methods



Friday Evening: 5pm

Hanging out talking about equipment.  What could be more fun!

Saturday: 9am to 6pm

—Saturday Morning
The inexperienced model
Working with one model, Mary will detail the most important aspects of working with moving models to create better image results. Her modeling tips, styling tips, the principle philosophy and foundation to create industry expectations. This lecture/demonstration also covers her approach to lighting and achieving dramatic results from looks/style/light/setting combinations. 

  • Model direction methods
  • Controlling the model
  • The Power of Good Styling
  • Creating good communications
  • Understanding the dialogue

Saturday: 10am to 6pm – cont.

—Saturday Afternoon
The afternoon is an insight to understanding photographic method modeling, set-up motivated, and everyone shoots. Working up close with Mary, this period is an exercise in model direction with an inexperienced model – Mary will shoot first and then each of the four attendees shoot with Mary assisting. The set-up is changed, lighting changed, new model styling, and you shoot again.

  • What are Body Dynamics in modeling
  • Free-form modeling
  • Getting your model moving
  • Methods of modeling for better images
  • Maximizing image results

In addition, Mary will introduce an experienced model and take the group through shooting: Headshots, Comp card shots, and what is needed for agencies.


Sunday: 9am to 6pm

—Sunday Morning
The experienced model
Everything changes and Mary steps up the energy by introducing the group to experienced model methods. Working with a model who already has skills and methods takes on a whole new flavor. Mary first directs and lectures, taking the group through the approach and regimen, creating new set and new lighting.

—Sunday Afternoon
Everyone shoots, everyone directs, everyone has Mary as a personal tutor and assistant.
Multiple sets, several model looks and styles, varied lighting set-ups, and a plethora of produced images.

There is a maximum of 4 attendees permitted to the two day event, you are going to create some very powerful work. When you leave Mary’s studio you’ll have a package of images with the knowledge attached for future reference and remembrance. You will leave as a much better photographer.







I also have these mini workshops year round  in case you don’t have an entire weekend.

 Mary DuPrie Studios Mini  Workshops

Beginner Studio Lighting     Three hours  $60

Fundamental of studio strobes along with their various accessories.
Building from one strobe to several.
This class is geared to the very beginner in the studio.
You should have working knowledge of your DSLR camera, with hot shoe.
Profoto equipment will be used. This is a lighting workshop as opposed to a camera workshop.
This is a show and shoot based workshop. Students will be the subjects.   Minimum of four attendees.

Metering   Feathering   Bouncing   Feathering with reflectors   Flagging
Soft boxes/Reflectors/Grids/Barn doors/Snoots/
Beginner Studio Workshop


Intermediate Studio Lighting    Three hours $100

Comfortable with studio strobes but want to sculpt subjects more.
This is as show and shoot based workshop. Students will be the subjects.
Minimum of four attendees.

Beauty     Commercial     Beauty Dish     Feathering     Reflectors     Flagging     Cutting     Scrims     Gels     Double key lighting

Advanced Studio Lighting   Three hours  $125

This is a class for high end studio lighting. Strobes and Hot Lights will be covered.
Using several small dramatic light sources.
Developing shadows and gradients in your lighting.
This is a show and shoot based workshop. Students will be the subjects.
Minimum of four attendees.

Mixing light sources     Shutter Dragging     Shake and Bake     Artistic choice     Double key lighting
Edge Key lighting     Gels     Eye lights     Bulb mode     Six plus lights

Intermediate/Advanced Lighting  and Model Posing    Seven hours $250

This is a class for high end studio lighting.

Using several small dramatic light sources.
Developing shadows and gradients in your lighting.
Strobes and hot lights will be used.
Attendees will be photographing a model based on our setup.
Attendees will act as on set assistants and will be setting up and handling all equipment.
Images can be used for your website.

Mixing strobes with constant sources   Shutter Dragging   Shake and Bake   Artistic choices

Edge lighting     Double key lighting     Gels and Fog
I will be showing various types of posing but the class will be heavy on lighting.
With small light sources there is not much room for “moving” as you’re lighting for that specific pose.
Attendees will be shooting and given a model release.
A minimum of four attendees needed for the workshop.

Commercial Model Lighting – Model Posing Workshop   Three hours  $125

Working with commercial models
Commercial high key lighting used to allow for greater movement.
Commercial model provided.
Attendees will be shooting and given a model release.
A minimum of four attendees needed for the workshop.

Beauty Lighting – Posing Workshop  Three hours  $150

Lighting and posing for beauty.
Beauty model and makeup/hair artist provided
Attendees will be shooting and given a model release.
A minimum of four attendees needed for the workshop.

Check, Master Card, Visa or American Express   Payment and schedules at this link


Check out Scott Kelby’s (founder, NAPP) review!


Forgive this rant but I wanted to take a moment and let all your site visitors know what a INCREDIBLE experience your workshop was this past weekend.  It was truly an honor to be a part of it.  The years of knowledge not only in Photoshop and photography imparted upon EACH student but also the posing and composition and lighting and set design.  I honestly felt that after even the 1st day, I had gotten my money’s worth!!!!  And we still had 2 days left!!!  We  ALL left energized and excited and ready to try all that we learned.  ALL photographers WILL benefit greatly just by being there.  My sincerest thanks again!  Rolly Langman

I just wanted to say how happy I have been with the workshop.  Without a doubt it has been the best one that I have ever attended.  I think you and Robert complement each other in such a good way that one cannot help but come away from this being a better photographer.  I just want to say Thank You Thank you Thank you.  I hope to proactive, implement, and grow from this experience.  Thanks for putting on a workshop that really taught and not just put on a show  Jorge D.

I just wanted go give you a big ‘THANK YOU !” for putting on such a great workshop.  I knew I could count on you and Robert to deliver the goods.  Alex S

Thank you for such an enlightening weekend.  It rejuvenated me and made me remember why I do what I do.  You created a very inviting atmosphere.  Positive, comfortable, relaxed, but hardworking and creative.  It’s hard to put it in works, really.  Not often enough do I walk away from something and think, ‘WOW,  what a great experience” as I did with this workshop.

Your skills and professionalism shine through in your work and your passion and enthusiasm for photography is evident.  After spending time with you, I can’t help but be inspired and motivated to identity my new goals and work towards them.      David Teng

I’ve just walked in the door, and am exhausted, but bursting with enthusiasm as I think you’ve given me a fantastic foundation from which to begin trying to shoot beauty. Thank you so much for everything, and I do want you to know that without question, you have taught me more about photographing the female form than in all my other experiences combined.   I hope I wasn’t too much of a PITA, and I would absolutely love to come back for another workshop, if you’d have me. You mentioned one in August – and if that is still open, I am definitely interested.  I am going to start going through the images tomorrow and hope to have some up soon.      Brent McCombs


I would like to thank you for hosting such a wonderful workshop. I really had high expectations when I booked the workshop and I can easily say that the workshop surpassed these expectations!  I did not get a chance to work on the photos I took, but here are a few that you can post on your workshop page. Let me tell you, it was quite hard to pick the “good” shots, because almost every shot was great, thanks to your setup and superb backdrops.   I might send you a couple more photos soon; I will also send photos to Carly, Tiffany and Tammy.     Mohamed Elmosaly


I just wanted to let you know your workshop was a great “shot in the arm” for Randy.  The following Monday he ordered a new camera and lenses.  It is fun seeing him excited about photography again.    Donna





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