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The first image of Carly is the most requested makeup that Tammy Pore is asked for from brides and the featured image on her website.  But when she does it like that they want it tweaked, she’s confused.  I mentioned they don’t mean it literally, they just love how seamlessly it’s blended.  They love the “look” of it.  This is definitely my preference when it comes to eyeshadow.  I don’t want to be able to discern where the eyeshadow starts and stops.  After all your eye area doesn’t start and stop, it’s continuous.

Tammy uses matte eyeshadow which is much harder to blend than satins and god forbid “frosted”.  I don’t want the brow bone to “pop” out at you.  The brow bone is pronounced anyway, so you don’t need to over do it.

The lip color is generally clear or lightly tinted clear.  The way the light strikes the clear is very contemporary and fresh.  I do not have a preference for colors that read white or frosted on the lips.  I want the mouth to read wet and luscious, not so “lipstick” looking.

The lighting setup for the first image is the 250 watt modeling light in a Profoto 7inch reflector, small grid (perhaps 10 or 20 degree?)  I believe I had two of these lights on her but took the catch light out from the second light.  Camera data: f/2.0 ISO 200 @ 1/160sec, lens 85 1.2

The second image of Tiffany Stone is basically the same but the second modeling light is way off to the left.  It definitely looks like i have flagged off her forearm.  Camera data: f/2.0 iso 200 @ 1/200 sec, lens 85 1.2

It’s funny when you have to re-engineer your own images.   Just looking at catch lights is not enough because I sometimes change or take out extra catch lights.  I love the warmth just the modeling light has on the skin versus making it warm in post, it’s somehow just different…just saying

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1 Dan Tibbetts Photo Highlights April 17, 2010 at 8:35 pm

Wow, im impressed!!! i just bookmarked the site and will be back daily. It was so much more than i was was expecting. me as a full-time glamour photographer and a craftsman of photography you satisfied my needs with the shooting data! cant thank u enough for that. So many sites out there not giving enough info, but your site held my attention. I just wanna pull up my chair and read all nite. In , fact, im going to. The basic overall flow of the pages i liked, and thats important, very important. color and overall presentation was perfect. i give a A++++


2 Cori Marte April 17, 2010 at 8:21 pm

Very well put together Mary. The font works nicely with the image your trying to send your audience. The range of categories is versatile enough to capture enough peoples attention and look over more of your site. Over all very well done. Perhaps Dan will give you more of a critique.

Best Regards,


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