August 10, 2010
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Having a “non-model” client pose in a model way is no easy task.  To get the face and emotion right and then ask to do awkward body positions is hard. Mike is standing with his weight all on the front foot to thrust the body forward, what I call “turtling”.  The camera flattens you out […]

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Not What I Had In Mind

August 6, 2010
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Andrea, July 2010 Workshop During my workshops I have a certain idea what an image will look like.  Kevin mentioned he really liked an image that I had shot previously of Andi. We were at the end of a long day and this was a grab shot.  I had done this same location, chair and […]

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Pretend You’re On Vacation

July 28, 2010
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Chelsy, July 2010 Workshop So we were rushing drying times on this background during the workshop.  I used smooth and rough texture plaster for the first time on the canvas which I’ve never tested, let alone on still damp canvas.  You can buy a 2 1/2 gallon container cheap from Home Depot or Loews.  It’s […]

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Where’d Ya Get That

July 27, 2010
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Chelsey,  July 2010 Workshop We ask that a lot in the studio when models show up with cute wardrobe.  Every time Chelsey shows up her suitcase is full of new wardrobe and that fact puts her high on my testing list.  I asked where she got this top and she mentioned the tags were still […]

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Limited Time Only

July 1, 2010
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I realize I’m in a large building with some unusual benefits.  One of the best has been my neighbor down the hall, a high end upholsterer. Yesterday Andrea stopped by after a casting call across the hall.  I shot earlier in the day another model in this chair but when Andrea stopped by I thought […]

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New Video On Sitting

June 19, 2010
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Still TweakingI’m still making minor tweaks here and there…if you’re receiving this via email you can click here to view the video on my website. Sitting 1 from mary duprie Techniques to show photographers and models ideas on sitting . . . . . . . . . . Bookmark on Delicious Digg this […]

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Three New Videos

June 12, 2010
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Still Working On Posting VideosI’ve reached my maximum upload on Vimeo so I won’t be downloading any new videos for a couple of days.  I hope you’re all enjoying. using props 2 from mary duprie on Vimeo. Part 2 of 4 in a series teaching photographers and models how to work with props and wardrobe […]

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Two New Videos

June 11, 2010
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Thank You So Much Thanks everyone for the great feedback.  I’m still tweaking the video layouts so you might see a few changes here and there.  I’m working on a new layout to better identify and label the videos, so stay tuned.  (I have 13 more in the can!) .. . The Alligator Smile from […]

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