Metro Detroit Photographers

January 18, 2014

Detroit People Photographers Mary DuPrie Metro Detroit Photographers… loving me some ring light.  My love of the ring light is on and off.  It can be a tricky light to use.  The ring light has a very distinct hard edge look.  You normally see it used as a main light and you see fashion photographers […]

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Metro Detroit Portfolio Photographers

January 17, 2014
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  Detroit Fashion Photographers Mary DuPrie Metro Detroit Portfolio Photographers, we need to have lots of different techniques in our arsenal to give a model the variety they need.   A portfolio is built up over time.  I often have people call and ask for a “portfolio”, using that phrase I know they are just starting […]

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Detroit Michigan Commercial Model Photographers

January 16, 2014
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  Detroit Commercial Photographers Mary DuPrie Detroit Michigan Commercial Model Photographers… we see what “can” be.  Clients literally see an image but  as a photographer I envision.   I pretty much know how I’m going to retouch an image when I see it.    I might plan on changing the overall tone, perhaps split toning, […]

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Modeling Photographers Michigan

January 15, 2014
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Modeling Photographers Michigan Modeling Photographers Michigan quite a diverse bunch.  We all work very differently from one another and have different comfort levels.  Mine has changed drastically over time.  Years ago I didn’t allow anyone on set, not even the makeup artist.  I didn’t like the feeling of someone standing behind me, judging me.  Well […]

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Detroit Business Portrait Photographers

September 8, 2011
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Best Detroit Executive Portrait Photographers Mary DuPrie Detroit business portrait photographers… I just can’t quite figure out how to have a client sit comfortably for an executive image quickly and efficiently.  I just bought a great new photography posing stool recommended to me by Dave Roberts Photography.  I’ve been told by another photographer that the […]

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Glamour Model Photography Michigan LA Connection

June 28, 2011
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Detroit Michigan Boudoir Photographers Mary DuPrie Allison was in town recently and shot me an email she had a couple of days open on her calendar.   She flys in from LA to do TV spots for the Detroit Tigers.  She is originally from Detroit and was working in LA when someone on a job […]

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Headshots and Portraits in Birmingham MI

March 23, 2011
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Metro Detroit Michigan Headshot Photographers Mary DuPrie I had my headshot special this past weekend and Carol booked a session for Sunday.  Lorena who I’ve shot several times over the years passed along the info to her Mom Carol and said she was going to come with her. Michigan Makeup Artist Tammy transformed Carol in […]

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Did I Forget Something?

November 21, 2010
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Model Photography Workshops by Mary DuPrie Hummm… oppps, do I have black underwear on?  Well, yes you do Karolina.  The devil is in the detail.  A nude thong would of been “ohh la la” so much better.  Live and learn folks.  It never ever ends… as in ever. My workshops for 2010 are sadly over.  […]

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