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Pop Up

July 29, 2010
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Andi, July 2010 Workshop During the last workshop I mentioned to the guys when there was down time to take Andi around the studio and shoot her quick and easy with window light.  My studio is so overwhelming their minds go crazy with possibilities and they soon get off track.  There are so many backgrounds […]

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She Comes With Lunch!

July 24, 2010
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Our hot, sweet and considerate model Andrea whose mom made us lunch and home made brownies.  (The brownies were yummy) Dan painting the background with flat house paint.  White and gold poorly mixed. Second stage of painting the background.  I’m using white venetian plaster, smooth texture plaster and rough texture plaster kinda all mixed and […]

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I Suck

July 15, 2010
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I was disappointed with  yesterdays testing but answers were right around the corner, or should I say a click away.  I was reading  awhile back about using the Profoto Hardbox on model mayhem,  (yes, I’m kinda a lurker) it finally inspired me to get it.  whoop whoop!  I’m sure it could be duplicated with $5 […]

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July 9, 2010
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Before and After of Lauren taken at my November 2009 workshop While talking with a fellow photographer today we compared how much weight we both had gained because of photography.  ouch!  Or maybe I should say because of my computer.  The list of what I do on my computer would be so long it would […]

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Fun Fun Fun

May 8, 2010
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Once in awhile you have a shoot where you make suggestions and the model says yes to everything.  If the model is eight and you already know him it makes it easier.  I did have to coerce him into wearing the shorts, he knew they were from my models wardrobe and they were huge on […]

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Michigan Commercial Photography

April 14, 2010
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Detroit Michigan Commercial Photographers Mary DuPrie I’m often asked “How can I make money shooting models?” I’ve listed a few questions I would ask… what part of the country are you in do you have a studio, do you need a studio are there agencies where you are is there a market what kind of […]

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