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Birmingham Michigan Natural Light Portraiture Mary DuPrie

I’ve been using my studio windows more and more.  I”ve never really utilized them as much as I should.

Another under utilized tool are my black and white foam core panels.  I cut up a 4×8 ft. panel down the middle to make a 2×8 ft. panel.  I taped all the edges with black gaffer then taped it to form a v-flat.  The flat tended to fall over and it’s also too long to fit into my car.  My solution was to cut off 2 1/2 feet from the bottom and then clamp that back on with office paper clamps. It’s now adjustable depending on where I clamp it.  The 2 1/2 ft cut off and gaffer tape adds weight and also extends their life.

Once I had the heater too close so now it’s a bit buckled.    The get a 4×8 panel shipped to you is very expensive because of the flat rate shipping price.  I bought mine from the local film rental company, Detroit Power and Light, $22.00.

For this shot she is angled facing a large bank of windows with a tri-flector in front of her.  Black foam core to her left and I’ve used a second flat behind her.

Makeup and hair by Tammy Pore Makeup, Studio wardrobe from Salvation Army, $5.

The black panel added drama to the image that white wouldn’t…just sayin

Most Expensive Bloomfield Hills Mi Photography Mary DuPrie

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