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It doesn’t seem to stop, they just keep throwing it away.  Dumpsters and dumpsters full.  Doesn’t that just stay in the landfill forever?  Like a Styrofoam cup?  Myth or Fact?

My landlord is on the first floor of my building and they make commercial heavy duty doors.  Inside the doors they use different grades of Styrofoam.  Bins run over daily of the cut offs.  Every imaginable size seems to be hanging around.

I would get 4’x8′ sheets and paint/plaster them to use as backdrops.  If the sheet had a certain defect they would get credit from the distributor and would just keep it.  After time I started thinking about the small pieces and wondered what I could come up with.  I took the 4’x8′ pieces and taped them to my wall, I then pinned the small ones onto the sheet with long corsage pins.

The scraps are popular in the building for packing, drying parts on ect.  I rarely see them in the trash any more which is great.

So what do the businesses around you keep throwing away!?

  • Studio wardrobe, Salvation Army, $10.

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1 Keely Deuschle May 3, 2010 at 6:47 pm

What a great usage of the styrofoam! I’ve kept my eyes out for pieces since I watched your videos a few years ago, now I have some more ideas! Thanks!


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