I Give Up

The peace sign here can mean two things, peace or surrender.

Hoping for different results when I hit the register button again.  Buying a new computer and changing everything over is a royal pain.  I purchased a new Mac Pro G4 Intel awhile ago and I’m just getting around to changing over.  Yuk.

I had to buy Digital Air Brush Pro again because it won’t work on an Intel.  I don’t even know what an Intel is but it sounds important.

The directions they sent to try and register didn’t help, as usual, I’m sure it’s user era. Sometimes you have to know when to give up…I give up.

Fortunately Andrea has fabulous skin so this image has no retouching on the skin what so ever.  I shot Andrea a few months ago for her comp card.  I could tell she was a natural.  I would show her what to do and she had great memory and could mimic what I would show her.  Every time I shoot her I enjoy her more and more, this was our third shoot.    She just turned 16 and seemingly became a model overnight.  Her personality and willingness to pitch in and help while shooting is great.  Bringing homemade banana nut bread seals the deal.

She can hold her own with adults during a workshop and fits rights in.  Her ability to hold looks for a long time and give variety with just a bit of coxing is great to watch.  Models have to understand, we don’t want to work that hard to shoot you.  You want to have fun and so do we!I often ask workshop attendees how many strobes they own, the common answer is four.  I set up this high key set up for them.   I use two bare bulbs to the ceiling which gives me a white background but also lights her hair and gives her a rim light.  I use white plexi for the floor which is quite expensive, but you could use white wall board for $10 from Home DePot.   The plexi bounces the light onto her legs which gives a bit of highlight.   I’m using a beauty dish as key and a large strip for fill.I use two 4×8 ft Styrofoam black flags facing the camera.  I also use two 4×8 ft flags next to the model.  I tweak these two panels according to how much rim light/spill I want  and it also keeps saturation on her sides.  I can chose to block the light totally or let in quite a bit.  The other tip is I have an extremely large sweep on the paper which easily gives me not only a white background but white floor with very minimal retouching.  Normally for this setup you would need six lights, so this is my setup in case you only own four…just sayin

Shot at my May 2010 Workshop

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