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what you get for $19.95 a month thru AT&T… internet agony!

For fathers day I went to my mom and step dads to help him with the I Mac G5 I gave him last year.  He does two things with it, plays free video poker and reads  the occasional email.  That’s it, done deal.  A $1,700 computer for free poker.  (never liked the computer and hated the mouse even more, no scroll or right click)

This week my mom mentioned he was having problems and wanted me to call.  My step dad is 81 and never ever bothers to commit anything I tell him about the computer to memory.  Trying to solve things over the phone is all but impossible.  I have true admiration for anyone that can do it.  I know I’ve been on the receiving end the last few months and owe it to someone else to return the favor, not that it’s a favor to family…but I think you know what I mean.

Thankfully I have someone in my life that is the most patient person I’ve ever met.  Always on my shoulder helping me to be patient and kind with my step dad.  I know it’s not easy and we all have our own level of computer hell, it never ever goes away.

I never ever say “it’s easy”, just do this, and then do this”, I know he can’t and just accept it.  I remember when I started and people use to say, oh, just do this-then that, it was maddening.

So my gift today was to fix his computer problems, tweak his settings, update his software, install I Tunes and most importantly install Skype!  I’m hoping the next time he has problems he can Skype me and screen share so I can see what’s going on.  I even set him up with video so he can chat with family in Kansas.

So for fathers day I gave patience and kindness while working with the slowest freakin internet connection in the world…just sayin

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