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Detroit Commercial Photographers Mary DuPrie

I got some good advice awhile back about having a website… get one!

It doesn’t have to be perfect but  it should be easy to navigate, it could even be a template website for now, but get one.  Google doesn’t really  find you on pbase.  Every day you’re not found on the net is money lost.

I like money.  I need money.  I want mo money… (hot chicks like money)

Cash or Check

but I prefer cash…

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1 Aurora Vanderbosch August 24, 2010 at 8:38 am

“pbase ain’t enough”–your tags KILL me! XD (I’ll have you know I dreamed of SEO all night, last night…SEO and HTML and CSS… I woke up in anxiety, twice, because I wasn’t sure how to anchor a background and do a floating table…I was frantically searching, in my dreams, trying to find the answers… 😉


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