Photographing Kids Headshots

Kids Headshots in Michigan

Kids are great.  It’s a wonderful change of pace at the studio.  I had two young sisters (about seven and nine) today and it was interesting to watch the younger sister study the older.  The girls were having a great day, having their hair done then going to lunch with mom.

Sometimes it’s hard with kids in that you want/need to direct them but you can’t over direct them.  It’s easy to give them so much to think about they become stiff and confused.  So I tend to build up very slowly.  I do shoot them the same way I would shoot an older model.

When it was the seven year olds time she tended to do the “I’m a model” poses, they are cute as can be at that age… just want to be like big sis.   Agencies are looking for lots of personality and don’t want stiff portrait poses.

A big part of kids in the industry is how well they listen, follow directions and stay on their mark.

I know I can always get a laugh from the kids when I boss their parents around.  I decided to shoot the two girls together at the end of the shoot and the mom started instructing the girls.  I wanted them to act up and be crazy funny.  So I looked over and asked the mom to “zip it”.  The kids started laughing of course and I shot away.  Kids love it when you boss their parents around.  We all had a good laugh and the kids had the green light to be over the top.  The stuff they came up with I could of never told them to do.  Let em rip!

You can never go wrong shooting kids high key.  The agencies love it and the kids have a large zone to move in.  Keepin it fun.

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