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Michigan Commercial Photographers Mary DuPrie

Sometimes I feel sorry for the old timers in this industry.  It must be hard to switch from film and embrace something so foreign and new.  Digital had a long learning curve for me and was expensive.  Not an easy task to change over a studio.

Sometimes I don’t feel sorry for old timers (as in, I started with film chickie pie, try shooting a wedding with film)!  I know I wouldn’t be up to snuff shooting a wedding with film.  I wouldn’t even be a professional by now.  I would of given up a long time ago.  Moved on to some new fun hobby or continued with decorative painting.

I used to drop my film off at a pro lab and pick it up the next day with high aspirations.  Seldom did they match my dreams.  Oh, I wonder what happened there?

I hear of struggles, photographers getting caught up with the latest and greatest.  Equipment based photographers.  Those days are gone, equipment does not rule.  Style and taste rule.

I can learn about equipment, adapt to new technologies, keep up with the trends even though I’m no youngster.  Style and taste are not so easily acquired.

Photography is now a commodity, but there will always be those that represent the Neiman Marcus of photography.  Style and taste will always be sought after.

Photography is in an evolution that will lasts decades.  We can’t even imagine what the future will hold.  Tweeting and Twittering sounds ridiculous, something nine year old’s do at slumber parties.  Whatever happened to MySpace!?  Maybe Tweeting will go away and take Farmville with it!.

We shop at places like Costco and Home DePot and we don’t give it a second thought.  Look what Walmart has done to some small downtowns… turned some into ghost towns.  WE love the savings.  WE don’t give it a second thought of who THEY put out of business.  I don’t know of many type writer manufactures still in business or many corner hardware stores.

Clients probably adapt faster than we can.  Digital is daunting, we need friends to help us out… lots and lots of friends.   I would like to thank everyone that contributes to my knowledge and hopefully I can pass it along to those who also need it.  This stuff is hard…

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1 antonio toscano September 6, 2010 at 4:44 pm

Hi Mary: as you say you live or spend much time looking for a style, then, trying to perfect it, I think you get more options carry a balance.

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antonio toscano


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