Getting Kids to “Un-Model”

Childrens Headshots In Detroit Mary DuPrie

Getting kids to “un-model” can be quite a task.  Kids as well as adults have an idea of what modeling is.  I call it “vogueing” or better yet “face-booking”.

Really trying too hard to model, over the top, stiff poses.  I want a very relaxed almost bored looked.  When I keep talking and the model is bored and I looked over I see them standing there.  I say “that’s exactly what I’m looking for”.  What?  What you’re doing now.  Nothing.

The hip is broken/collapsed and the head is tipped to the side.  As if the model has exhaled, then smiled.

I’m looking for a model who is comfortable being relaxed in front of the camera.  Clients will assume the model has tons of camera time because they’re so relaxed.  A model who is over modeling with the wardrobe they are wearing or the situation warrants is a bit annoying to me.  A commercial model doing editorial poses just doesn’t work.

I miss shooting kids and I’ve decided I have to get back to it.  Kids really brighten up my day.  They’re fun to have around and don’t have any hang ups.  I find them easy to shoot and the retouching is a breeze.

I taught Maddy my “Hey” smile and she loved it.  Most kids smile way too big and tend to clamp down.  She took to it right away.  Yeah Maddy!

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