Opera Headshots

Detroit Michigan Opera Headshot Photography by Mary DuPrie

I photographed Opera Singer Cree Carrico on Thursday.  I’m happy with the way it turned out.  With Opera headshots you have more leeway to go glam.    I still keep the eye makeup fairly light but I do the lighting and background much much more than an actors headshot.  My favorite way to light hair is with two small diffused/baffled/gridded strip boxes.  I like the way it lights the hair on the edges, it shows the color of the hair but doesn’t over do it.  I love that the strip lights rim the body as well as the entire head.

Cree found me through Google search and drove up from Ohio for the shoot.  She mentioned she looked long and hard for the right photographer and was happy she didn’t have to go to New York.  (Cringe)  So don’t forget your SEO for Opera headshots.  She’s got a great Hey Smile going on!

This is the original out of camera shot.  I think I’ve kept retouching to a bare minimum.  The 5ft soft box with just the baffle in it is my main of choice.  Large and soft but with some pop to it.  It’s definitely become my favorite choice for a main light for non model portrait type looks.A behind the scene shot shows the setup from the back.  The sparkles come from a length of clear dark gray table cloth plastic  from JoAnn fabrics.  Not really sure what they sell it for.  I need to buy some more so it’s wider and I can put it further back for a larger circle pattern.  I used a 4×8 Styrofoam panel, camera right for side fill.  A large FJ Westcott Silver Scrim Jim reflector was used for front fill.  A gridded 7″ strobe was used on the background.

I place the main light on the front edge of the Scrim Jim.  For a wider face I would not use butterfly lighting.  I use the main on the side to create a bit of shadow to thin the face.  Hope this helps.

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