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A good photographer friend of mine said I should give a glamour workshop… hummm.  Well I know that glamour is huge, especially with new photographers.  What’s not to like.  Shootin cute girls and all.   Good looking girls generally don’t pay though.  Their hotness gives them a pass.  A 20 year old girl and a 40 year old womens checkbook normally looks quite different.  Hot girls can find a photographer that needs/wants to work on their book and do a trade.  Win Win

Shooting glamour models is not what a normal studio would shoot.    You can ask a model to move, to work it,  you can put it on them.  With the average paying client, it’s all on you.  A studio that offers glamour to real women, now that’s hard work.  I have a lot to learn for this clientele.  I can have great sets and all but working with a real women, that’s a different ball game all together.  A work flow seems in order.

I don’t know what to call “real, average, main stream, jane q public” clients, so I think I’ll call them “non-model” clients.  I had a “non-model” client email me today about a glamour shoot for Christmas and I don’t have my glamour price up and running yet.  I just have my lay flat book, that’s all.  I am working hard on adding products.  I definitely want to add canvas wraps.  I would love to hear what’s popular out there.  What do clients ask for?  What do they pay for?  Do they order prints?

I’m going to use this pricing platform for my model shoots, headshot shoots, glamour and any potential new areas I go into.  I’ll upload the flip book to my server and email to clients.  I’m thinking about putting more info on my website under the different categories.  Not so much pricing, just general info.  Do you have pricing on your website?  Or do you email it to them?  I feel I’m losing clients with my literature.  Not enough info and it’s pretty lackluster.  No pizazz at all.

I’ve think I’ve decided to go with a flip book that I will be emailing out to potential clients.  Toronto Boudoir Photographer Kathy Honeybourne who runs Honeybourne Intimates has a great boudoir package.  I am going to use her web site wording, faq’s and investment guide.  I am using her verbiage and designing my own graphics.  She sends out a Word Document and you can just copy and paste it into a Photoshop file.  Kathy’s business model and pricing seem to run parallel to mine.  She has several different packages and I chose the ones that best suited my needs.

Kathy specializes in glamour and keeps busy week in and week out.  She’s been nice enough to Skype with me and help a girl out.  She’s got a nice vibe going on over there, so check her out.

So if you have any glamour tips for the “non-model” market please take a second  and share.

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1 Keez December 2, 2010 at 11:58 pm

mary you are so insightful , i could read you everyday…actually i just subscribed and plan on it..i came to the blog trying to find a tidbit of info that i cant seem to locate , i know you are busy and i know you Skype it up however it would be awesome if you could just send me an email i tried emailing you but i dont know my server pword…im kinda slow as far as this tech stuff goes…I was looking for entitlements in regards to compensation and all things under that umbrella. please email me, if i am out of order an i kinda went on a tangent far removed from what you intend to maintain i apologize but im desperate for your insight…knowlege and infleuence


2 Mary DuPrie December 3, 2010 at 12:05 am

what cha need?


3 Bruce Albert November 5, 2010 at 7:57 am

I have always loved the ‘non model’ glamour work, I am old school and have learned techniques from the best. As you might realize, being old school, it’s all about pre-production, post production was only to correct what the lab messed up, remember dust, etc. A great make-up person, posing props to put her in the most flattering position for her body type, the black velvet screen to subtract light (and pounds from the bulges)
You are very correct about the inverse proportion of wallet content with age. That has been keeping
my attention for forty years. My clients are successful, management, married, soon to be empty
nesters, their professional pictures have graced papers and magazines, television spots etc. But the
inner fire still burns, she needs that confirmation that she has still that animal attraction, or the confirmation of that to a significant other.
In today’s digital age, I now have the advantage of instant viewing or both my lighting or the client
comfort level diagnosis (many ‘non-models’ shed too quickly, and the comfort level in their eyes
betray them) Now they see I don’t want to rush, aren’t looking for a “show” and am concentrating
on portraying them at their “playful best”. It’s like riding a bike, then it’s time for the post production.


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