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Here’s another shot of Andrea from Saturday Nights Meetup.  It was a long night as several new photographers were shooting and trying to figure out their cameras and how to tether on the LCD TV.  The last photographer of the night was up and I looked over and Andrea was sitting down on the job.  I announced that was the SHOT.  She was doing nothing, just waiting for us to get our acts together.  We wore her down.  No more trying to be a model.  Just chillin.  I love the effortless look.

I received a few images from photographers of the setup and my first response was “that’s not what I intended”!?  My mind has created what the image should look like and when I get someone else’s image it’s hard to accept.  As in, it’s too light, it’s too dark, digital grain, not cropped right, not retouched enough or too much.

Granted it’s up to each individual’s taste and retouching skill so we have to step up to the plate and be “hyper” critical, if one expects a model to put it in their book.  Dirty floors, stray hairs, eyebrows out of place, sloppy cropping, global sharpening will all be scrutinized by others.

As photographers we are now expected to be retouchers, photography is only half the battle (but most of the fun).  If the retouching falls short, there is no final product, it’s all for naught.

Models need a “certain” look and quality in their book, better they have nothing than images that don’t represent the industry.  We are not portrait photographers so none of their rules apply.

Retouching is kinda like Facebook… you’re required to join the club, whether you want to or not.

Michigan Comp Card Photographers Mary DuPrie


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1 L March 8, 2011 at 8:27 am

Great to see you posting again Mary!

It would be excellent to see some of the results of your students and the issues you describe.


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