Birmingham Michigan Comp Card Photography

Birmingham MI Portfolio Photographers Mary DuPrie

One door, three different models.  These shots were first time shoots for models making comp cards for the local modeling industry.  As you can see, I love this door (I try not to overshoot it but it’s so gorgeous)  While shooting in front of the doorway I met the owner who invited us up to the terrace to shoot, it was spectacular.

Birmingham is a 10 minute drive from my studio.  I like a sophisticated feel to my images, I’m not really an urban style shooter.  Birmingham has great boutiques and restaurants and is very dog friendly.  The running joke on the way to the shoot is that it seems like THE perfect dog always walks by, as if from central casting.  Everyone starts howling when the dog walks by and we all plead with the owner to stop for a few minutes.

They’re flattered and we tell them what we’re shooting, comp card, no commercial use, ect.  I mention I will send them a high res retouched file with a printing release if they email me (which I always follow up on!)  I have the owner stand where I want the dog to look and I keep shooting for as long as the dog cooperates without too much stress.

Depending on the conditions I’ll use a reflector or my strobe with a Vagabond 2 battery pack

Oakland County Portfolio Photographers Mary DuPrie

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1 Roy May 4, 2010 at 10:13 am

I have always wondered how you came up with so many great looking dogs.
I just started reading your blogs. Catching up on the old ones now. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and methods.


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