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Detroit Michigan Commercial Photography Mary DuPrie

Typical amount of money spent on wardrobe for one of my shoots is about $10.

To build a commercial/agency book it’s great to include workout/spa setups with more commercial looking wardrobe.

I find that workout images are easier to shoot than bathing suits for a beginner model and models without a bathing suit body.  Agencies want an idea of what the model looks like and this is a good way to show it.  Spa type images are also a great way to show a bit of body.  I love this setup because I can shoot it any time of year in the comfort of my studio.

The breakdown for the shoot is as follows:

The background is various blue papers that I painted with white and grey spray paints.  The models are about 10 feet in front of the background.

  • Studio wardrobe from Salvation Army, under $10
  • Swim goggles, Dollar store, $1
  • Soccer balls from the trash, $0
  • Bike borrowed, $0

Image 1,3 and 4

2 umbrellas on the background
2 small gridded strip lights as rim
main is a beauty dish with tri flector

Image 2 is using a straight fill versus a tri flector

Image 2 doesn’t have a sheen to the skin which I think it should have, it’s a bit boring without it..just sayin

Detroit Michigan Lifestyle Photographers Mary DuPrie

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