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I had a great time speaking for PPM on Sunday in Bay Harbour, Michigan.  I gave a 4 hour talk and demonstration about the world of modeling agencies and their preferences.  I mentioned my favorite backdrops were mirrors and that seemed to pique a lot of interest. I can see that it would be a bit perplexing in that most times in a studio a mirror would be a hindrance.

I picked up a few mirrored bi-fold closet doors that a neighbor was throwing away, they seem to be somewhat dated and a lot of people are replacing them when they remodel.  Most of the doors i sprayed with hair spray, not really trying to do that great of job.  I kept some mirrors clear so the models can use them and I also use them as reflectors.  What’s nice is that it throws everything out of focus easily.  I’ve tried a photographic matting spray which I don’t prefer because it’s not permanent, comes off and is very pricey.  Gelling your lights is also great when shooting mirrors.  The models clothes often times reflect in the mirrors so you match the background without even trying.  At times I lay different beads over the mirrors for even more glitz.

The large gold ornate mirror is actually Styrofoam that can be moved around easily.  It was fairly expensive but I kept my eye on it and finally the store was going out of business and I gave in.

By far the mirror I use the most is a tri fold screen with a variety of mirror sizes separated by lead bars.  I bought it at Home Goods for $200 which was a steal.  I’ve spent hours looking for a similar one but just can’t seem to find one even close and especially at that price.

I will sometimes put ornate mirrors over the plain bi-fold doors to give me a larger background.  The great thing about mirrors are that minor tweaks can give dramatic effects and it’s impossible to duplicate a look because of all the windows and reflective items in the studio…just sayin

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1 David T. April 28, 2010 at 1:25 pm

Awesome post! I have to agree wholeheartedly… especially since I have shot with Mary’s mirror and I have been looking one for myself ever since. =)


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