Straight On

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love straight on images.  So the straight jacketed look of a large neck piece is appealing to me.  It forces the model to look straight.

The blue piece was cut from the original 6 ft length and clipped in the back.  I laid the piece down flat, smoothed half the feathers up and half down.  I laid a piece of black gaffer tape down the middle so the feathers would stand up and cradle her jaw.

The black feathers are also cut from a longer length.  You could just use them in the original length but I like to cut them so I can shoot from a different angle if I want.

The beige netting was given to me by a neighbor going out of business.  They would cut it as needed and fill it was candies.  I have hundreds of yards and have given it away to workshop attendees to take with them to see what they would come up with.  Robert Sanders of San Diego engulfed a nude model in it which was spectacular.

The beaded image is actually the models belt, she brought several unique belts that we shot as neck pieces.

The ivory beaded image is one of my favorites. .  It is actually Christmas tree garland wrapped around her neck several times and clipped in the back.   I have used it quite a bit for studio bridal shoots.  It’s cheap after Christmas and you get a lot of it.  It probably ran about $5.

I like the look of neck pieces versus just using jewelry all the time, it forces the neck up which makes for great eye contact…just sayin

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