I’m So Blue

This set up is in my favorites and i’m asked about it quite a bit.  You do need quite a bit of studio depth to pull it off though

I’ve taken 2 4’x8′ frosted acrylic panels, stood them on end, staggered them front to back about 4 ft. and clamped them to a bar.  Looking at them they line up.   Because they’re already frosted they are out of focus.  They have to be far enough behind the model to not reflect lights. Small light sources work best.  The beauty dish is about 20 ft. from the back lights.

I put Styrofoam panels with cut outs, Styrofoam strips, ladders, gaffer tape, anything that would leave graphic patterns through the lucite panels.  What’s nice is that small changes make big differences.  I have a small gridded gelled softbox sitting on the floor horizontally.

It takes quite awhile to tweak it so i would leave it up for several shoots.  It shoots well for both male and female models.  I’ve also used it to shoot executive head shots which look great.  I also like it when the background light spills onto the model as a rim light. I’ve also shot it without gels, just black and grey tones.

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1 Kevin M May 3, 2010 at 6:45 pm

Great shots Mary. I am loving the blog.


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