Wrap Me Up

When people move they really seem to get in the throwing away mode.  They just want it out of their life.   At first and even now I’m a bit embarrassed to stop, but I just tell myself “I’m a photographer” so it’s ok!

My neighbor moved and seemed to  have quite the stash of gift wrapping paper.  I spotted a cute flower paper on trash day that had my name on it.

I call this the “tug” smile, when the model just pulls up the corners of her mouth ever so slightly.  It makes for a very sweet little smile.

Buying great lenses like a 85 1.2 is wonderful for clearing up skin and throwing backgrounds out of focus.

Window light and tri flector.

Having a natural light studio is great…just sayin

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1 wbphotography May 6, 2010 at 1:03 pm

great shot … love the natural light and the feel of the wide open lens. beautiful!!


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