Cupid’s Bow

This model has great lips for this shot.  I love the white outline she has on the upper lip and her cupids bow is fairly pronounced.  I don’t use color often on the lips but I think this shot calls for it.

A trip to the notions department at Habermans, a local high end fabric store, yielded this crystal studded length of black mesh.  I’m not sure what it’s used for in dress making.  The store has a special case that someone needs to help you with, which we all know means $$$  You buy it by the yard so I buy just enough to tie around a models face.

I found the mesh makes it all but impossible to retouch.  She has some eye creases which I would like to take out but the mesh makes it extremely hard.  Casting the right model and attention to detail is important for this look.  I would normally shoot the first look plain, then start adding  fabrics, scarves, hats ect.  Make sure your f-stop will capture the eyes.

The tip of the head, open mouth, red lips and the touch of fur tie the image all together…just sayin

Makeup by Shifra

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1 Blake Discher May 7, 2010 at 7:38 am

Great post. I know you’re too modest to mention it, so Happy Birthday, it’s today, so celebrate big time!


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