Studio Fire

I just can’t seem to get away from trash!  The background here is actually a dumpster dive, yep, got in it.  When they deliver furniture it comes wrapped in heavy plastic, like painters plastic drop cloth.  It’s shaped like the furniture so I just cut it at the seams so it will lay flat.  I spray painted the plastic with orange and yellow spray paint.  Splotchy works best.  The spray paint WILL chip off and make a mess so I just keep it for a couple of shoots and throw it out.  There is a new spray paint from Krylon called Fusion that might stick better, you’ll have to check it out.

The main light is a gridded beauty dish.  It doesn’t look like I was using my tri flector. I don’t think I owned one yet.  If I shot it again I definitely would use one.  I like a small pupil with as much eye color as I can get.  I used a yellow gelled strobe behind her.  I love gelling like colors for greater saturation.  So yellow on yellow, red on red ect.

The orange mesh fabric is a roll of 30 inch wide rafia type material with a wired edge that you can shape.  I bought mine at Christmas but I think you can get it year round at places like Michaels Crafts. It’s used for wrapping around gift baskets and such.  I think it’s 10 yards for $6. I’ve also seen it in white, green, purple and red.  My favorite is the purple.

This image was from a test.  The way I work for testing is quite different than most.  I have the makeup artist do what they want and then I match them.  I never know what i’ll be doing that day.  I literally make it up on the spot.  So I match the mua versus her matching my idea.

My preference for makeup is always less is more.  Show off the model not the makeup.  It’s hard for a makeup artist to have restraint while testing.  I’m generally looking for a makeup artist who wants to work on a more commercial book.

Pretty sells and always will…just sayin

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1 Russ May 19, 2010 at 7:50 am

You are so creative Mary. I have a few days off so the first thing I did yesterday was to spend hours going through all your blog posts. Time well spent, so many great ideas. I’ve just started playing with gels but it didn’t occur to me to use like colors to bump up the saturation.


2 Matt May 8, 2010 at 8:03 pm

I love your dumpster diving treasures. This is too cool. Your new blog is great too! Keep it up! I am definitely going to take one of your workshops someday! Thanks!!


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