Your Light Is In The Shot

Your light is in the shot!?  Ahh, yes? And your point?  I realized when I had another photographer drop in while I was shooting that the idea of shooting with lights coming into the image was so foreign to his style of shooting.  As a portrait photographer there are formulas that you just don’t break.  As a model photographer I don’t feel the need for any types of restraint or formulas.

I’m tethered 100% of the time so I new my back lights were in the shot.  I was strategically placing them in the shoulder area.

I wasn’t shooting this particular image that day but this was the idea I was going for.  When testing I normally have an idea what I want to test that day. On this day I was practicing using speed lights gelled in the shot. I don’t use my speed lights at all as I find them too slow for my style of shooting.  I want to be able to do short fast blasts if the opportunity presents itself.

Shooting with flair can be great for models with so so skin as it clears it right up.  (This model had great skin) Very little retouching is required.  To bring saturation back to the image pulling the black slider over in Photoshop does a great fast job.

Salvation Army jacket bought 30 years ago for $7.  Hat vintage $30.  I find the best place to buy hats are from Antique malls where they have several independent dealers.  Estate sales are another great resource…just sayin

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