Turning Things Upside Down

As a photographer we sometimes have tunnel vision.   I try and view my props and wardrobe without tunnel vision.   To shoot the same piece of wardrobe in a new and unique way.  To turn things upside down, sideways or inside out, whatever it takes.

Because I do a lot of beauty work I only need a slice, suggestion or snippet of information.  One way I have found to stretch my studio budget is to look at clothing as fabric, not clothing.   Stephanie is wearing a skirt upside down in this image.  What you see is actually the black lining of the skirt and the lace edge.  I unzipped it and she shimmied into it.  It’s  just clipped in the back.

She has this wonderful hair that makeup artists adore.  I love how the one stray curl hangs down on her left shoulder.    Makeup artists adore you when you shoot this angle because it shows off their work, especially great eyeliner.  Finding the right makeup artist is important for beauty work, one that understands your style.

When I’m shooting beauty I pay close attention to what the front underarm is doing.  I have the model pull her arm slightly away and back from her body to have a smooth underarm transition and push her shoulders slightly forward.  She’s using her shoulders in a way to “pop” her collarbones, it gives more shadow and interest to the shot.

The skirt is from Salvation Army, about $5.   I also buy long skirts and turn them upside down or wrap them around the models head as a sort of shroud.   Because the long skirts aren’t that fashionable they are cheap and you get a lot of yardage.  Skirts fit just about any size model so they make great studio wardrobe…just sayin

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