My peony tree is in bloom this week, the flowers are as big as saucers.  They last such a short time it’s a shame.  So once a year I can get this shot.

When workshop students ask my advice what to shoot I always mention high key.  I find it so refreshing and so do clients.  High key really crosses over to the commercial market well.

I normally use two gridded small strip soft boxes for rim lighting.  I tend to use them fairly close for a great wrap versus a knife edge for this type of set up.

Rochelle is wearing loose fabric just clipped around her neck and chest.  Snippets of information as mentioned in past posts.

I concentrate on teaching models to match their shoulders to what they would really do if they were laughing, giggling,  being seductive, coy, flirting ect.  New models don’t work their shoulders or collar bones at all.  It’s definitely something I have to show over and over again as to how much movement I want.  Because I don’t use hands by the face much I tend to replace them with shoulders.  One of my favorite sayings is “the sex is in the shoulders”…just sayin

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