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“No thanks.” I said.  I can see her eyes just fine.

Not really understanding what Claude was asking.  The Claude I’m referring to is Claude Jodoin.  I’m fortunate to know Claude and asked him to assist me with a shoot awhile back.  Claude is a photographer’s consultant and educator and Technical Editor for Range Finder magazine.  It was my first shoot with Claude and I wasn’t sure what he was asking.  He asked me three times so it seemed kind of important to him.  I’ve assisted quite a bit so I knew the signs.  If I ask the main photographer more than once it means I have a concern.

He stopped to explain to me that he wanted to put a focusing light on her eyes to constrict her pupils and pick up more color real estate…Oh!  That sounds good to me!

For this shoot with Tiffany I dusted off my Profoto Magnum reflector.  When I bought it I was just working my way through their accessories.  I really didn’t know what it was used for, I was just going to buy one of every accessory ProFoto made.  I used it in the beginning but it’s been sitting on my shelf for the last 3 years.  After this shoot  I don’t think it will be collecting any more dust.  I’m so used to grabbing my beauty dish for everything it gets overlooked.

I tried my gridded beauty dish first but it was lighting her legs too much and I wanted them to be fairly dark.  I had the key  fairly high up so sometimes you  loose the catch light and the eyes are black with no color.  I brought in my Joker 200 HMI on a low stand and pointed it  into her eyes for a catch light and color .  I don’t find totally black eyes very attractive, I want to see something.  Be careful that the focusing light doesn’t effect your key light if that’s an issue.

As photographers we can rationalize any purchase we are contemplating, it’s a talent we possess in our profession/hobby.  We have an ongoing list on what we want/need to purchase next.

Try explaining to your significant other just why you needed the 85 1.2 when you already own the 85 1.8.  Oh, then again maybe what they don’t know won’t hurt them (or you)…just sayin

Specs: Gridded Profoto Magnum reflector, two bare strobes behind back panel.   Split toned in BridgeShot at my May 2010 Workshop.

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1 Anonymous June 4, 2010 at 7:24 am

Hi Antonio

I love your comments, always cute…

The post processing I did was in Bridge I went to the Split Toning…playing with the highlights until I got that cool blue…the out of camera shot was rather bland/greyish

Then I did the shadows until I liked them…other than that standard processing
The hardest thing about the shot is to get the smoke right. I mentioned it before we shot it and everyone saw how hard it is to do. It’s boring with too little and overwhelming if to much

I don’t want the face to be obscured. good luck


2 antonio toscano June 4, 2010 at 5:43 am

performing any postprocessing with the photo, that is, as you are always discussed trail of smoke in it, although I would use contrast in photo shop, I saw these photos a few years ago in your pbase space and proceeded to build a similar dish with wood I have not completed the tests but I think it came time to make them, jejejeje, mary greetings from mexico, sorry my bad english.
your fan Nº1 in Mexico antonio toscano


3 Mary DuPrie May 30, 2010 at 8:49 am

I have 3 foggers all from Party City. A $30, $50 and $100. They all work quite differently.

The $30 does not pump out enough fog at all. I like the $50 because it’s comfortable to hold and pumps out a basic amount of smoke. My $100 pumps out the most and the smoke pattern is interesting but it’s very uncomfortable to hold because of the handle design and it’s much heavier. There are different types types of fog, oil based and water based. I did a commercial job once where I rented a studio and they did ask me what type of fog juice I was using. They were concerned it was oil based and would impede future painting of their floor. You’ll have to read the label.

The cheaper ones just seem too wimpy. At the party supply stores around Halloween they have a bigger choice.


4 antonio toscano May 28, 2010 at 5:01 am

love this photo, I have seen some with colored gels, but this I like it for its freshness, the light rays get them amazing, greetings Mary.


5 Todd May 27, 2010 at 9:43 pm

I was just curious – what do you use for the smoke? I’ve been thinking about using a Halloween fog machine from WalMart, but heard it leaves a residue on surfaces.


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