I was watching a morning show yesterday and they were going to show the fashions from Sex & The City II.   They were showing images of the  wardrobe and then showing the audience how they could buy clothes to recreate the look on a budget.  A look popped up and I thought, “hey”, that looks like something I could pick up at Salvation Army!

They showed a two colored long flowing skirt.  I wrote a few posts back about buying long skirts at Salvation Army and how they always have them cheap.  To make them more fashionable I sometimes leave them unzipped in the back so they can be worn lower on the hips, which is the fashion now.  I would do just what they were doing, a formal skirt with something unexpected on the top.

The character Carrie wore the fancy evening type skirt, vintage t-shirt and cropped cardigan.  Wow, for sure I could get that at SA.  The original skirt I believe they said was $9,600.  Not including the t-shirt and vest.  I can’t remember how much the copy cost.  I think I could do the look for about $12.  I normally could do it for $10 but this is a three piece outfit after all.

The SA’s in Michigan are great.  They’ve totally reorganized them from years ago.  Sorted by categories and color.  So if I’m looking for white long sleeve blouses they are all together.  Easy Peasy.  They run 50% off all the time and the turn over in merchandise is staggering.

Monday is Memorial Day and every major holiday at SA all clothing is 50% off.  Years ago when I was stocking up on clothing I would surely have gone.  I’m pretty well set with clothing but I might need to see what kind of long skirts they now have.

When shooting young girls for comp cards don’t expect too much in the way of wardrobe.  Jeans, wrinkled t-shirts and sometimes their prom dress.

It reminds me of the time I saw my client and her mom in the parking lot.  I asked if I could help her with her clothes, no thanks I have it right here, and she held up a small paper bag.

Do you know how hard it was for me to keep a straight look on my face…just sayin

Specs:  Skirt from Salvation Army $0.  Not sure why but they just gave it to me.  Strapless bra SA.  Walking stick,  Pier I Imports.  Necklace, Neiman Marcus $$$.

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