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We were done shooting for the day and Tiffany was leaving.  She put on this hat and I just had to shoot it.    I went to my wardrobe and found this scarf (one of my old scarves) the sweater and viola, a look.  Red sweaters are some of my favorites to shoot, (Salvation Army $5.) they shoot extremely well.  I have a lot of wardrobe at the studio and the most important thing is to be able to find it when needed,  I have everything organized by color and category.

If you put the word out models, high school seniors, clients, neighbors and perhaps an ex-girlfriend or two will bring you wardrobe.  If you’re testing (tfp) you could trade for wardrobe.  Have your subjects donate to you, instead of Salvation Army, go through it and what you don’t want you can donate yourself.  You have to be very vocal that you are looking for wardrobe…and all kinds of other stuff too!

Dissecting the image I lit it with my Westcott SpiderlitesTD5. I have to say they are my go to lights for quick shoots.  People ask me all the time if I really use them, I have to admit I do quite a bit.  I wish I had another set of them.  My makeup artist uses them for  her makeup application then I steal them from her.  It would be nice to leave them at her station.  I think they make great beginner sets.  I use them without the baffle or diffusion panels.

The makeup just happened to match and be perfect for the this stolen shot.  It held up perfectly which is what a pro makeup artist can bring to a shoot.

For model photography we can insist on professional makeup.  Unfortunately high school seniors don’t normally see the value of using a pro.  It does take more time at the studio and costs a bit more but it definitely shows up in the final results.  Perhaps you can build it into the cost of the shoot?  Professional hair and makeup is reasonable when you consider the cost of everything especially when you find a mua you love that comes to you.

If you’re working on your book it’s definitely worth the cost of using a professional makeup artist even if you have to pay for it yourself.  For book building I generally would not use images where high school seniors have done their own makeup…you can generally tell. (always exceptions of course)

It’s hard enough shooting high school seniors but when they do their own hair and makeup it’s even harder…just sayin

Tammy Pore makeup/hair

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