So a bit of testing today, it was hot and humid and threatened to rain.  I was determined to go anyway and just ignored the weather.  Andrea mentioned her mom called and said it was hailing golf balls at her house.  Ouch!  When I got home I found out a tornado touched down not far away.

So the test was on, how fast could we shoot.  I turned on all the equipment even before we left.  I was going to  try to shoot and run, fast and furious.  I shot in AV mode today versus M which was a change.  I made all my adjustments right in camera.  A much different work flow for me.

I’m exploring  and looking at shooting in areas I’ve never really considered before, which is exactly what I wanted this new set up to offer.

The first image was perfect, everything was going pretty well, then no flash.  From research I know you can’t shoot all that fast with the speedlights.  I didn’t shoot that many and they turned off.  I shot a few then the model and I would talk at the television for awhile so that would give the speedlights a break.

At first I was using them as fill and they were fine.  The weather turned dark so I bumped up the power and that was a problem. I couldn’t really shoot that much until the speedlights shut down, bummer.  Decided to move to another location hoping they would “cool” down.  I wasn’t really shooting that much so I was seriously disappointed. boo hoo

So a few thoughts, they’re only good for fill and really really slow shooting if you’re going full power.  The other option would be to shoot with double speedlights, whooaahh, the cost of that would be crazy. I found The Brewer Bracket that looks interesting, it holds two speedlights and an umbrella, perhaps in the future.  I thought going in I would need two speedlights but wanted to see what using just one would do.  My gut feeling was right.

The setup was fast and easy and I think it has definite possibilities.  It was just Andrea and I today for a quick, easy test.  She’s a big help and I show her how to turn everything on and off, set up the stands and to help in general.   We talk a lot about how the camera works and all the equipment.  She seems very interested and like I keep telling everyone, “the photographers of the future will be models”.

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