I Want To Be Nine

I don’t know how she gets it, but she gets it.

Are nine year olds just natural models?  Actually yes.  My favorite age is eight or nine.  They let it rip.  They’re old enough to pay attention and young enough to act up.  She needs very little direction so I can’t take credit for her modeling.   I have to say she’s the best beginner ever, no matter the age.

I want to be nine when I grow up…

The background on the right is white seamless.  I copied an image from a childrens book onto clear acetate.  I placed the acetate on my overhead projector and used pastels and markers to trace it onto the paper (making a few artistic changes).  I haven’t done set themes in a while, I use to do them all the time.  The time it takes to get all the props just right is usually about a half an hour, so it’s definitely a commitment especially when I’m by myself.  So it just depends how excited by the idea I am, I must of been excited today because I worked my butt off.   

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1 antonio toscano June 30, 2010 at 8:38 am

woooow mary, an amazing photo, your photos are beautiful kids, I remember one with a ladybug on the nose of a girl, let’s surprised my wife and me, both the contrasts and by the expression of the girl, thank you very much for sharing knowledge tuc with us and make us better every day.
greetings from your fan n º 1 de mexico. ANTONIO TOSCANO Florenzano.


2 TheProehls June 29, 2010 at 10:51 pm

Mary you are a true artist! Thank you for all your attention to detail and your custom sets…we love love love your work! And Cashew too!
xoxo~Elizabeth & Tanya


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