Stripped Bare

You just never know what you’re going to get when a new model walks in the door.   I’ve been fooled many times in the past so when I see a new model I don’t form an opinion, the camera decides.

I gained this attitude from shooting twins years ago.   Upon first seeing them I decided which one I thought would be the most photogenic, needless to say the camera proved me wrong.

Today was a first time shoot for new model Andi.   Tall, thin pretty, but an hour later after hair and makeup pretty didn’t do her justice, she’s gorgeous.  Porcelain skin, beautiful long eyelashes, freckles and dimples.

I later asked Tammy, our mua, if Andi worked or went to school.   Tammy said she plays professional polo!  What?   We have professional polo in Detroit?   She must not of heard that right, maybe she was pulling my leg.

Andi  booked us for a head shot but we weren’t going to let her go without doing something for fun.   I remembered my neighbor got in a great chair he said I could borrow while it’s in it’s stripped state (he only has it for a couple of weeks).   I mentioned in a prior post that Salvation Army has all clothing half off every major holiday, I didn’t actually make it for the last one but went the day after.  Everything Andi is wearing was bought then, I splurged and spent about $20 for the three pieces.  I didn’t intend to put them together when I bought them it was purely accidental.

My favorite mirror is behind her which really picks up her jacket color.  This look was literally thrown together in under five minutes.   Andi is sitting looking out my north facing windows, nothing more.  I’ve been using my north windows more and more and wish I utilized them more in the past.   It kinda feels like cheating.  I’m not using lights, reflectors or anything.  The windows are 20′ wide by 6′ tall with big panes of glass.  A million dollar soft box!  I just angle her slightly to get the nose shadow I like, nothing more.

When I have a paying client who I love I try and squeeze in an additional look or two if they have time.  A lot of times it’s this look the agency chooses versus the intended set up.  It’s just more fun to play…

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