They Moved

There is always that one house on the block with a family of gnomes in the yard, geese in seasonal clothes, santa and plastic  poinsettias in the summer, christmas lights all year long, flowers blooming in  winter.  Yard ornaments galore.  It’s really annoying when they move in and a joy when they move out…if you don’t see one in your neighborhood, it might be you!

I noticed their house was abandoned, it looked like squatters moved in, the windows were broken out, trash strewn all over,  the grass  knee high.  I don’t live in the neighborhood but my studio is right down the street.  (If we did live next door my mom would go over there and clean it!)

It is delightfully dilapidated.  Perfect!

This was my first time shoot with Susie and when we drove a block from the studio and I announced we were at the shoot I’m sure she did a double take.  Eewhh (sp?)

Tons of people stopped, asked what we were doing, guys in cars, kids on bikes…whatcha doin?  Is she a model, is this a photo shoot, will she be in Seventeen magazine?  Kids running home to get their siblings, everyone leaning against my car giving their opinions.  Ahhh, that’s a nice one, I like that angle, her hair looks bad like that, cute shoes.  Are you a professional, do you charge for this?

My 580ex ii’s still shut down after shooting just a few images, even with 2 strobes on one stand.  I finally gave up and we moved to a new location.  At the new location I was struggling with how I wanted her to move so I was shooting painfully slow, it seemed that did the trick.  It was so slow I could practically put my camera down and have a conversation in between shots…yuk

The last setup I just looked for bright shade, I just had to do one set up at my normal pace.  Shooting slow sucks...just sayin

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