Limited Time Only

I realize I’m in a large building with some unusual benefits.  One of the best has been my neighbor down the hall, a high end upholsterer.

Yesterday Andrea stopped by after a casting call across the hall.  I shot earlier in the day another model in this chair but when Andrea stopped by I thought why not.  I found her this little black dress, about $5. from Salvation Army.  It was about 7:30 pm and I was losing light from my windows but no problem.  The beauty of digital is not worrying about the light, knowing I can add a bit of pop in post.  Don’t get me wrong my stuff  still looks great out of camera.  My favorite is using 2 separate curves layer, one set to screen mode and another set to soft light.  Salt and pepper to taste.

Andrea just put a little lip gloss on and we shot away.  Looking out my north facing bank of windows, simple as that.  My favorite mirror is behind her creating a hair light.

The upholsterer has this chair for a couple of weeks, valued around $12,000.   I’ve borrowed quite a few unique pieces of furniture this way.  He’s not too worried about it getting ruined because I borrow it “before” he redoes it, he’ll never get use to that.  He’s offered it after it’s been redone but I don’t want to take a chance, it has more character beforehand anyway.  He has keys to my place and just comes down and gets it when he’s ready for it.

Hummm, maybe that upholsterer you know has some pieces just sitting around?   They always seem to be stuffed with furniture, perhaps waiting for fabric to arrive, perhaps even abandoned.  Maybe you could “store” some at your place!

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