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I always shoot my “headshot” first.  I put that in the can,  covered.  But I’m always thinking headshot even during subsequent looks.  This shot of Anthony was actually the third and last look of the day.  I have to say I prefer this image over my intended headshot.

Anthony didn’t need time to warm up as he is a true professional.  When he smiles he puts a genuine laugh behind it, his body smiles along with his face and eyes.

This shot is more to my liking, the pressure was off.  I think this would make a great front to a comp card.  My initial set up is a bit typical as headshots go.

Since a models career is so tied to his headshot I never loose site of “it” during the day.  Sometimes we don’t even use the headshot I originally shot.  I’m not  sure if that’s a good thing or bad.  It might end up in their portfolio instead of on their comp card.

Bookers have to look at the model comp cards day in and day out.  So when a model gets a new front it’s a welcome sight, as that’s the image staring back at them.  Most bookers are women and I think they would like it if Anthony stared at them all day.

The average time for a comp card is 18 months for a working model.    If you shoot what a model needs they will seek you out.

So please don’t forget about the men and kiddies!

It’s not all about us girls…

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1 Mary DuPrie July 10, 2010 at 6:28 pm

Funny, so you’re the approval guy on MM???


2 Roy July 10, 2010 at 5:28 pm

I was just approving profiles on Modelmayhem and Anthony showed up. This picture caught my eye and I remember seeing it here. The other images from his shoot are great. You are right he really does know how to smile.


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