Fans Choose You

“Fans choose you, you don’t choose your fans”.

I heard that quote tonight and it certainly rings true. There are so many blogs out there now and many more to come.  I just watched the movie Julie-Julia about a blogger making all of Julia Childs cooking recipes.  She wrote everyday also.

A few people have questioned me about writing everyday.  Do I have enough stuff to write about?  Well, I never seem to run out.  I guess I like to write as much as I like to talk.  Whether I have many fans, I’m not really sure?

I’m still testing my work flow on location, which gives me a lot to think about and do.  I’m looking into shooting with the Paul Buff ringlight off camera with my vagabond II and rotating ND filter.

Susan Ashe of Ashe Photography is coming over on saturday for some fun location shooting.  Susan loves using her ringlight off camera, so I’ll see.  I’m looking for a fast light weight setup.

In agency model shooting we are striving for accurate representation and I wouldn’t use a wide angle lens.  But my location testing is for my book so I’m really trying to remember to use my wide angle much more.  It can certainly lend a great fun look to life style shooting.

I’m looking to shoot more variety in the time frame I’m shooting.  Right now I feel like I choose a spot and that’s it.  I’d like to keep my options a bit more flexible.  So stay tuned…

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1 Susan Ashe July 10, 2010 at 12:24 pm

Chuck Arlund taught me this technique… it’s lots of fun… not too heavy (battery is the heavy part but if you put it in a rolly case, not too bad). Looking forward to seeing you Mary and testing the light.


2 Fred Guerra July 9, 2010 at 7:42 am

Wonderful location included. I enjoy, too, seeing you break your own “rules” of the face being a hands-free zone (See? Some of us pay attention to your videos!)

Have fun playing with the off-camera ring light. I have an Orbis that I use often for headshots and had to learn about its lighting pattern. It can give glorious catchlights though!


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