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Image above has Photoshop action;  Smooth desaturation by Rocketlaunch

I don’t use canned actions much because  every image needs and reacts differently to the action.  So the time involved going through them can be a bit off putting.  I tend to go in phrases and yesterday I decided to see what an action would do to my test shoot.

I went through and tried to organize them into categories at least.  I just found out that the actions category has a button mode, super cool, especially when I color code them.

I make an actions folder with the original pic, then save all the different actions I’ve experimented with to that image.  It gives me a frame of reference for later images.  I see a lot of images with greenery and grass lately with an aged vintage look.  I have to say I love the look even though you see it a lot.  I don’t care if it’s trendy or over used, if I like it, I use it.

I own the entire suite of Nik Effects Pro and never use it.  I bought it for the black and white actions but find it extremely slow to see the final effect.  I’ve lost patience with it and haven’t opened it since I first got it.  I do revisit items when I have down time so I’ll probably get back to it one day.  When I was using it last I was on my old slower computer, I have a faster computer now so I’ll see.

I’ve gone to Deviant Art and downloaded  free brushes and textured backgrounds that I like.  I could spends days on deviantART, it can be a total distraction.   My favorite brush I’ve found is an eyelash brush…amazing.  I found a tutorial on how to use it on youtube.  I like this tutorial the best because it not only uses the free transform but also the warp mode.  You need to put each eyelash on it’s own layer and tweak it.   I set the layer to multiply blending mode  and tweak the opacity.  I sometimes put lashes over lashes to make them even more realistic.  Well worth spending time playing with…especially if you do beauty

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