Sometimes it pays not to get what you ask for.  I was shooting a comp card with a female model in the left image location.  The location is Birmingham which is a big dog walking community, the shops leave  fancy and fun water bowls on the sidewalks for them.  It’s a beautiful boutique style downtown area.

I asked a gentlemen walking his black  labs  home if he would mind stopping for a few pictures, he said he couldn’t, boohoo.  I pressed him pretty hard about stopping but didn’t win my case.

Well, lo and behold we were in the same spot shooting the very next day and I saw him walking towards me.  I thought today’s the day, because the black labs would look even better with a male model.  I actually got down on my knees and begged him to stop for a few minutes.  I was on my knees well before he got to me so he really had to look at me for quite awhile.  Well, I guess that did it.  I had my assistant with a reflector way way out in the street to light the scene.

When you stop a dog owner you really only have a few moments.  I’ve fond the best practice is to have the owner stand directly behind me or to wherever I want the dogs to look.

A model recently asked about this photo and couldn’t figure out how I had so many dogs that matched the scene and outfits.  Dog owners are proud that you think their dog is photogenic so most will stop, just ask nicely and make a big fuss.  Don’t forget to send them a high res file and printing release.  Ya never know, they could be a future client.

For the two white poodles I was in Toledo, Ohio mentoring at a workshop and saw them way across the park.  Needless to say I ran after them.  No lights or reflectors and the model just  happened to be wearing my jacket.  Needless to say the wind blew at just the right time (wish I had a catch light in their eyes though, I should of faked one)   Come to find out the poodle on the left is some big time show dog who had it’s show gear on.  For some shoots I have been able to get more than one dog owner to stop, that’s always fun.

It’s hard to book kids with/for the models on the day of a shoot, so dogs are the next best thing.

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