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Today I was testing my Profoto Hardbox on my Profoto 1200ws monolight.   Anthony came by for a quick couple of hours.  It’s still hot in Michigan so today had to be a studio day.

Today was like shooting film, I thought the images were going to look a lot better than they did.  The hardbox gives extremely hard light and I thought Anthony could take it.  The results were lukewarm (not Anthony’s fault).  Sometimes I just need to test new lighting for a short time just to give me some food for thought.  The hardbox uses the side of the bulb versus the tip.

The trend/fashion right now is very hard light with the models shadow on the wall.  I know there are several ways to achieve this lighting, bare bulb, cinefoil ect. and I’ve used them in the past.

So I got home and did some more research.  My research uncovered a few tidbits.  The main tip was to also use a large fill light with a blue gel to simulate daylight fill…hummm

I’m posting this image not because I like it that much, but because it’s a starting point, it can only get better from here.  I know in my mind what I want but I’m not even close to achieving it.  (It’s hard for me to even post it)  I used Nik Silver Efex Pro, I wanted to see if it was any faster with my new computer, it was.

This is a very unforgiving light source and the model choice is critical.  I would suggest the model have very very good skin, because you’re going to see everything.  I want to use it to experiment with shadow work…so I’ll see

Any tips just leave them below!

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