I Suck

I was disappointed with  yesterdays testing but answers were right around the corner, or should I say a click away.  I was reading  awhile back about using the Profoto Hardbox on model mayhem,  (yes, I’m kinda a lurker) it finally inspired me to get it.  whoop whoop!  I’m sure it could be duplicated with $5 worth of cinefoil, but now I look cool.

Hey, (thinking to myself) if I bought that piece of equipment my images will look just like his…nope, not even close girlfriend.  I was aware of the Hardbox in the past, but when I saw the price I said “forget about it”.  Remember, photographers have a special gene that allow us to justify any and every purchase (even lucky jeans).

I remembered a reply in the photography forum from a wonderful photographer in Paris, Neil Snape, gorgeous, gorgeous.  So I sent him a message today asking him to clarify a few points in his reply.  He wrote about three lights for the setup, the third light made no sense to me.  The second fill light made total sense.  He replied back for what I was shooting I didn’t need the third light (I still don’t know what it was for)?

The point of this post is, look what the internet has done for “our” shooting.  I can just zip off a message to someone I’ve never met in Paris and get a reply in no time.  Gotta love the www.

The image above was shot with my HMI Joker 200, I bought it used at Detroit Power and light.  I’m using a tri flector about waist level.  Kinda the look I’m going for but I want darker shadows.

Digital can make you think you’re a better photographer than you really are, but it also kicks you in the ass and tells you, Dude or Duddette… You Suck!

Have a great day

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1 Kevin Mosmen July 16, 2010 at 11:02 am


If YOU suck, then I am selling ALL my gear on eBay…..
Keep posting PLEASE!



2 Aurora Vanderbosch July 16, 2010 at 8:00 am

Great post, Mary–and a gorgeous image! I love the way it almost looks lit up from within, and yet still has delicate, sharp-edged shadows…

One of the great joys of the internet is not only the abundance of information out there, but the accessibility of (other) professionals–people who are generous and willing to share their “secrets” because they know that knowledge shared is far more powerful than knowledge hoarded–because the higher the bar is raised, the less danger there is of suffering from creative stagnation. 🙂

(And I laughed my head off, at your last sentence! As a long time member of deviantArt, I pore through thousands of amazing images over there…and although I always come away inspired and artistically refreshed and renewed, I also come away with my tail tucked between my legs, appalled at the inadequacy of my own work. :))


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