Showing Too Much

I took at look at a website today and it was all over the place (i’ve seen much worse those).   I see photographers that are just starting out that have portfolios that are just too diverse.

You can’t be an expert in everything, you can hardly be proficient at one thing when starting out.

And then bingo, the image that gives you away.  Poorly lit, out of focus…I stop looking right there.

It’s hard to break into the commercial market and buyers are very sophisticated.  They especially  recognize overly/poorly done Photoshop.

Keep it simple when just starting out, don’t list you shoot babies and architecture on the same website.  (trust me on this)

The shot gun approach doesn’t work well, use a scalpel.

Image taken during a 2009 studio workshop.  Tammy Pore makeup artist.  Karolina wearing studio wardrobe; $10 from Salvation Army

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