Slight Breeze

It’s still hot and humid in Michigan and I had a comp card shoot today.  Driving around the studio I knew I had to find shade.  When Sarah showed me this sweet little dress I thought it would be perfect for this location.

This shot of Sarah is an important part of a comp card because she’s looking off camera.  I always include a bit of off camera training for the day.  I feel it breaks up the look of a comp card if the model isn’t looking into the camera for every shot.  I tested this location out a couple times before so when I had a paying client I knew the angle I wanted, so no learning curve on the job.  When I’m testing it’s generally to figure out  future comp card shoots, so the amount of usable images is higher for them.

A friend mentioned they lost electricity and they were running a reading light by his vagabond…humm.  I drain my vagabonds at the studio by running my fans, so I thought why not bring my studio fan on location. Well it worked out great as you can see.  I  love the look of a slight breeze.

The other change was using my new Paul Buff ring light as my light source.  I have to say I’m extremely pleased, it’s easy, fast and light weight.  I kept the light on my stand and threw it in the back of my car.  The way the light spreads out seems to make it extremely soft as you can see in this image.  It doesn’t seem to need an umbrella so no fear of it blowing over.  Definitely part of my new work flow.

I’m still making tweaks but today seemed to go  smoothly…I was a happy shooter

Sarah and her Dad, Christ, were dream clients and I want to thank them for the dinner invitation, it was beyond kind.

The wonderful Debbie Darakdjian provided  hair and makeup for the day.

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1 Mary DuPrie July 26, 2010 at 1:47 pm

and to clarify i am not using the ring flash on camera, it’s on a stand. i should of taken a behind the scenes pic. i’m still not use to that…i’m trying to remember


2 Mary DuPrie July 26, 2010 at 1:46 pm

it’s an empty can that goes on your profoto strobe that they sell for an ungodly amount of $$$ and that i will never hear the end of

it’s to make the light source very small and you’re using the side of the flash tube versus the front


3 jim July 26, 2010 at 11:19 am

I am not familiar with the Profoto Hardbox? Is it a hot light? Is it a HMI?
Thanks for sharing.


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