I mentioned to a model the other day to Rolodex through a few looks.  It got me thinking, “does she know what a Rolodex is?”

I mentioned it to another photographer and he said we don’t use them any more and lot’s of models might not know what it meant…hummm that makes a lot of sense.

It’s wonderful when a model gives you lot’s of variety without micro managing them.  Lauren knows how much I love the alligator smile and has somewhat added it to her repertoire.  Lauren has a phenomenal commercial face with stellar teeth.   Opening up your mouth even a little really adds to the image and just looks more fun.

For a commercial model this look is worth $$$.  Not all models have great teeth on the sides and the alligator smile really highlights it.  Lauren books a lot of beauty and commercial work because of shots like this one.  If you’re testing with a model who has beautiful teeth, have them open up wide, wide and more wide.

I once asked a model what time it was in the studio and she said she didn’t know.  “The clock is right there on the wall”, I said.  I can’t read it because it has hands???

She grew up with digital…true story

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